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Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Routeburn Track is one of the highlights in our trip. The hike was 32km long, which took us three days and two nights to finish.

The trail is very well maintained. Along the trail there are huts and campsites you can use. Of course, booking are required. Huts provide cooking facilities and bed. Using huts you can reduce the weight you need to carry. But you will have to share the room with others. We chose camping because of flexibility and privacy.

As being a one-way backpacking trip, you will also need to arrange transporation before the hike. We hired a company to drive our car from the start trail head, The Divide, to the end trail head, Routeburn Shelter. It was very smooth. After we finished the hike the car was right in the parking lot waiting for us.

The hike, from backpacking standpoint, was very enjoyable. You will pass numerous waterfalls and alpine lakes. Alpine scenes are everywhere. This hike is more about experiences rather than photography.

Lake Howden, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Lake Howden

Earland Falls, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Earland Falls

These are 178m high waterfalls. A big wow!

Lake Mackenzie before sunset, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Lake Mackenzie before sunset

The photo was taken about a half hour before sunset. It was very foggy that time. This shot was the last time we saw the mountains around the lake before the fog came in.

Lake Mackenzie early morning, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Lake Mackenzie early morning

Routeburn Flats, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Routeburn Flats

Routeburn Flats, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Routeburn Flats

This photo was taken right next to my tent.

Creek close to Routeburn Shelter, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

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Creek close to Routeburn Shelter

People were canyoneering in the creek.

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